I Wonder …

I don’t even know how to begin this post.  The outrage I feel after watching a grown man throw a young girl to the ground ON HER HEAD has me lost for words.

If she were my child … Let me not even go there.

But seriously, this young girl had no weapons.  She didn’t even appear to have any shoes on!  He already had her hands behind her back!  What was the point of using such force?

Okay, supposedly there was a fight & she was angry. (GO FIGURE!)

See, this is the type of stuff that really gets me rattled.  Children are being taken out of their homes for being disciplined by their parents, but law enforcement has the right to handle our children any kind of way.  Really?

Then they have the nerve to highlight how remarkable he’s been over his 10yr career & mention how he’s never done anything like this before.

Are we really doing this as if his accolades & achievements have more value than her current state of mind right now?  This young girl & all of her peers are forever traumatized & now have another reason (as if they needed anymore) to fear or hate those who are supposed to protect them.

So what now?

Well, this guy is on PAID administrative leave (the usual) while the situation is investigated further (again, the usual).

I never understand how with US there’s always an investigation to be had when there is video evidence of what transpired.  But with THEM there can be a conviction with little to no evidence at all.

Now I’m not trying to play the “race card” but I am calling it like I see it.

Besides, with all the good they keep saying about him, you would think they’re trying to hide something.  I may be reaching, but really though…There’s no telling what else he’s done that may have gone under the radar because he didn’t get caught.

I’m just saying, he brought her down with zero hesitation.  Her head hit the concrete so hard, she stopped moving.

I wonder how long she lied there after the video was cut off.  I wonder if she was offered medical attention.  I wonder if her family was notified right away.  I wonder if her family has legal representation.  I wonder how much money is going to be offered to them for this situation to be patched up like the others.

Then we have the situation where a 9-year-old girl in New York was pepper sprayed by police officers after being handled by more than 3 of them at one time.

If I’m not mistaken, the child was screaming for her dad.  Instead of calming the young girl the officer acted very carelessly & had the audacity to tell her that she was “acting like a child”. 


Wait, I forget sometimes that many people do not view us as children once we are able to walk or talk.

We are such threats that we can’t be escorted to a police car without unnecessary force (even when innocent) like those who do not look like us have many times over, after shooting innocent people in churches and schools.  I also doubt they offered to take her to a fast-food restaurant to make sure she ate either.

(Reference to Dylan Roof; Charleston Church Shooting)

The tone in the officer’s voice was almost like he didn’t care to begin with and became easily fed up with a child who was clearly angry and afraid.

When the officers got her into the police car, she was handcuffed.  But somehow, she was still a threat to them, so they pepper sprayed her.  Even after she begged them not to (which she shouldn’t have had to do).

So many people (Black and White) are blaming the domestic violence dispute between the father and stepmother, as well as the child’s suicidal threats.  But neither justify the way this 9-year-old girl was handled by those whom she was taught in school to admire and respect. (This is one reason why I homeschool.)

I am not surprised that the brothers in blue are sticking together on this, as usual. I’m not against police officers but I am against those who abuse their power and have no regard for the lives our children.  And those who stand beside these punk officers without correcting their actions are the reasons why they feel they can get away with situations like this.

Suspension? Administrative leave?

I wonder if these officers will be fired. I wonder when new policies will be put in place to protect our youth. I wonder how this young girl felt in that very moment in the backseat of that police car. I wonder if her family has the funding necessary for a trauma counselor.  I wonder if the stepmother regrets dialing 9-1-1 for her emergency.  I wonder if the father feels guilty for not being able to come to his child’s rescue when she called for him. I wonder if this family will get paid off to simmer down the protests arranged for the system to be reformed.

I wonder.

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