New Year Transformation

It’s such a cliché every year. “New Year, New me!” That’s all everyone is hollering or putting after a hash tag. I get it though. I really understand because you feel that since the year is changing, you should too. Why would you want to stay the same?

This past year was even crazier than the year before, so I can see why no one would want anything to be the same going forward. However, when we’re telling people or telling ourselves that we want to transform, we rarely ever have a legitimate plan to carry this transformation out. We don’t think about the grind or the hustle. We just want the results. Nonetheless, total transformation is a life changing journey.

Let’s take a look at the life cycle of a butterfly. If you haven’t read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle as a child then I suggest you check it out (or watch the video version on YouTube). It talks about the journey of this particular caterpillar prior to his transformation to becoming a butterfly.

You see, this Caterpillar literally started from the bottom. His stomach scratched the ground as he walked. That’s how low he was. Maybe you can relate or put that into perspective as rock bottom. But he was hungry.

A motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown always emphasizes that in order to win “you’ve got to be hungry”. This Caterpillar was very hungry. He was so hungry that eating one apple wasn’t enough to satisfy him. And I know you realize how big an apple is compared to a Caterpillar. But he wasn’t satisfied until he had eaten all he could eat.

This Caterpillar had eaten so much on his journey, that he became ill. He was so ill that he needed to rest. But in order to rest, he had to build a chrysalis around himself. This chrysalis allowed him to rest peacefully as it protected him from harm.

As a child and even as a teacher, I looked at this story and thought that maybe the Caterpillar shouldn’t have eaten so much so that he could’ve avoided having a stomach ache. But as a woman who is constantly seeking growth for myself, I now realize that his hunger was the catalyst for his transformation.

See, we often say that we want to do this or that. We boost ourselves up with these New Year resolutions and goals because it sounds good. But after a week we start making adjustments that make it easier for us to reach these goals. Then after about 2 weeks we start making excuses as to why we’re having difficulty making progress. Before we know it, a month has gone by and we’ve given up completely. The truth is, maybe we’re just not hungry enough.

That Caterpillar was on the grind. He was eating everything he could to satisfy that hunger. He wanted to be fed and nothing was going to stop him from eating because he was just that hungry.

From my interpretation, his strength came from the grind. The Caterpillar was ill because he had eaten to the point where he couldn’t eat anymore. All he could do was rest. But even in his moment of being sick and tired, he had the strength to build a form of protection around himself to make sure that the grind was not for nothing.

The Caterpillar knew that his transformation was near and he had worked from the bottom to get to this very moment. Donnie McClurkin said “after you’ve done all you can, you just stand”. This Caterpillar had done his part so he was able to just rest and let what was meant to happen, happen. And it did.

Weeks later the Caterpillar was able to spread his wings as a beautiful butterfly over the areas where his stomach used to scrub the ground. His transformation had been completed and his life was therefore never the same.

I don’t know about you but I’m trying to feed my hunger this year. I’m about to be greedy and eat whatever I can to help me reach my goals. And I’m not talking about grub hub, door dash, or stopping by a fast food restaurant regularly on your way home. We need to feast on new opportunities for success, positive relationships for growth, outlets for mental health, time for proactive moves, strength for our physical well-being, and healing for self care.

You know you deserve it right? That thing, that position, that goal you want to reach so badly. It’s yours for the taking, but you have to want it. You have to be hungry enough to allow your stomach to scratch the ground first. You have to be willing to go through pain to appreciate peace. You have to gather the strength to build a chrysalis around yourself for protection from all of the negativity that may jeopardize your mission. You have to be ready to transform.

Are you ready?

Type “Yes” or put a butterfly 🦋 emoji in the comments if you’re ready to begin your transformation journey. I believe in you. After all, you are Strong & Gifted. 💪🏾👑

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